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Vancouver is a metropolitan city surrounded by ocean and mountains resulting in a moderate climate that has earned it the status as one the top cities to live in business magazine assessments for more than a decade. Real estate management consists of high-rise residential and mixed-use properties in the urban centres as influenced by their goal to develop a livable city.  With more than 2.3 million residents, it has become the third most populated metropolitan area in the country.  The benefits of this beautiful city have created a housing market with over inflated property value, with the tightest strata property markets in Canada, fueling a need for affordable housing. To accommodate this need the city has work to increase legalizing secondary suits and developed its Rental 100 program which encourages the development of condominiums where 100% of the units are rental and all rental unit credits are to be secured for the life of the building. As a city Vancouver continues to grow and it’s desirability to local and foreign individuals support its continued success as one of the world’s top cities.


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City Change Planning Change Initiatives   http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/major-planning-projects.aspx
City Website   https://vancouver.ca/default.aspx



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