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Forms + Documents

To order council minutes, depreciation reports, and other documents prescribed under the Strata Property Act, Campbell Strata Management Ltd. uses the eStrataHub electronic document delivery service to process requests for strata documents.

If you wish to pay by credit card:

  1. Go to www.apicanada.com and click the “Register” link (registration and activation just takes a few minutes).                  eStrataHub
  2. After registering with APIC, log in and click the “Purchase Strata Documents” button.
  3. Click the “Create New Order” button and fill in the information.


Using myLTSA:

Click here to pay       eStrataHub

A guide to setting up a myLTSA account (it must be an Enterprise account not Explorer, only Enterprise has access to eSH): https://help.ltsa.ca/myltsa-enterprise/account-set

The sign-up page for myLTSA (again, they must choose Enterprise): https://apps.ltsa.ca/iam/signup

An LTSA Enterprise account requires a bank account to set up deposit. After this is completed, they will see a button on their Home page that says Service Providers. Click that, then click eStrataHub to access the hub and place orders.

NOTE: LTSA does not offer account upgrades, so if they have an existing Explorer account, they will still need to re-register with an Enterprise account.​


The following forms are provided for the use of Strata Owners and Strata Council.

If you are unable to find a necessary form please contact us and we will ensure that the form is updated on the website.

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