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Understanding your strata

owner-benefits-understanding-your-strataLiving in a strata property is an option that more Canadians are gravitating towards every year, there are many advantages and services to owning a strata lot, and many and these include:

  • Price
    • A strata lot can cost much less than a similar size single family home and the amount you would usually pay to rent an apartment is usually similar to the cost of paying a mortgage payment.
  • Low Maintenance
    • For those who prefer not to do outdoor chores or repairs strata lot ownership is the best way to outsource all of those activities without forgoing the luxury of beautiful gardens and well-kept outdoor living spaces.
  • Security
    • Whether it is a gated community, high-tech video surveillance system, or a simple door buzzer living in a strata property provides you with more security features than the average single-family dwelling. This is multiplied by presence of your neighbors who will likely question new faces and unwelcomed guests.
  • Amenities
    • The benefits of strata titled properties include shared luxuries from pools to terraces strata titled properties grant you access to private facilities at a fraction of the cost.
  • Community
    • Living in close proximity enables you to get to know your neighbors through strata organized social gatherings to attending owners meetings, which results in a close knit environment of engagement and socialization.

As defined in the Strata Property Act an Owner is the person registered on the title of the strata lot in the Land Title office.

As the owner of a strata lot you must to do the following to fulfill your obligation:

  • Pay monthly Maintenance fees or special assessments as approved by the owners.
  • Maintenance your strata lot to the standard of the development as well as the limited common property assigned to your strata lot in accordance with bylaws.
  • Abide to the Strata Corporation’s bylaws and rules.

As the owner of a strata lot you are also able to contribute to your strata community by

  • Participating in the management of your Strata Corporation by sitting on the strata council.
  • Participating in Annual and Special General Meetings.
  • Electing council members to serve on the strata council.
  • Request to have matters included in the general meeting agenda

As a Strata Management Company we have an obligation to the owners to protect their interests and ensure the best possible decisions are made for your strata title property. Too often when management is left to a small number of owners the management of the property becomes very onerous and unsupported which leads to frustrated owners and properties at risk of devaluation.

To avoid these types of pitfalls everyone from our senior management to our strata managers develop and intimate knowledge of each property in order to provide superior service. For you as owners this means:

  • Advisory Services
    • Our team operates with high levels of transparency and maintains an ‘open door policy’ with all of our strata owners.
  • Financial Management
    • We manage your budgets, expenses, and cash flow just as you would for your home because we recognize the need for prudent fiscal management.
  • Project Management
    • Whether it is a small repair or a large project we go the extra mile to seek industry specific knowledge to ensure we make the best possible decision the first time.
  • Relationship Management
    • Our executive management attends AGMs/SGMs and important strata meetings to ensure that the services promised are delivered.
  • Records Management
    • We provide information to the owners by preparing comprehensive meeting minutes with a level of detail that is second to none.

Campbell Strata Management Ltd. has a tradition of excellence and by working with your Strata Corporation to manage your strata title property we protect the equity of your investment and enable you to enjoy stress free strata living.

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