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The City of Surrey officially became a city in 1993 and with a population of over 452,000 it is expected to become the largest city, surpassing the City of Vancouver within an approximate 10 years. With convenient access to an international airport, US border crossings, six major highways, rail and deep sea ports, and rapid transit positions Surrey provides transportation of goods and services worldwide fueling the growth of its business sectors. As a city with six smaller town centres Surrey’s real estate is home to all ethnicities and social economic classes who enjoy the lush farmlands, spacious parks, superb shopping, entertainment, quality housing and neighbourhoods. The housing in these neighbourhoods consists predominantly of single dwelling units, but has shown an increasing trend towards townhouses, condominiums, executive homes and apartments. The city’s encouragement of compact urban commercial development patterns with a drive towards using available non-agricultural land for business and industrial purposes is contributing to Surrey’s long term goal of building local employment to provide a ratio of 1 local job to 1 local surrey resident.


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City Change Planning Change Initiatives   http://www.surrey.ca/3467.aspx
City Website   http://www.surrey.ca/



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