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The city of Langley with a population of 25,000 is surrounded on the north, east and south by the Township of Langley with a population of over 100,000 people. Langley hosts six unique and distinct communities each with their own commercial property, farmers markets, antique retailers, wineries and parklands. With a housing cost which is often 57% less than that of Vancouver many people are choosing to live in Langley to exercise their greater purchasing power. This has led to growth in high density residential development and larger townhouse market where an average 1500 square foot home is sold for less than $200,000. This new growth has encouraged Langley to develop of goal of supplying one job for every Langley resident in the employed labour force. This is possible as it is one of the most active industrial and service commercial land bases in the lower mainland economic region. With more than 6,600 companies operating within their perimeters, easy access to major transportation routes and an airport that has become a destination for jobs, high-tech industry and service industries. Most importantly Langley celebrates its heritage as home to more than half of the farms in Metro Vancouver and continues its role providing specialty crops and products, ranging from world-class wines and organic turkey to seasonal favourites like berries and Christmas trees.


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City Change Planning Change Initiatives   http://www.tol.ca/Current-News-Initiatives/Capital-Projects
City Websites   http://www.city.langley.bc.ca/



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