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Managing Townhouses

Townhouses are multi-level units with often with a small back yard and with enclosed parking spaces that provide a house like environment at a much lower cost than owning a house, and require a special set of real estate management services. Town houses typically  have their own entrances, exits and they feature many different shared amenities.

These amenities may include shared facilities such as clubhouses, community playgrounds, driveways and entrances to the complex, landscaped gardens and landscape lightings and depending on the scale of the development may also include recreational facilities such as a gym, pool and hot tubs.  All costs for such common facilities are shared amongst all owners of the townhouses.

Managing these common areas entails a huge responsibility  and in order to maintain the future value of your real estate investment, it is essential that you partner with a strata management professional to:

1.    Maintain Assets

  • By developing regularly scheduled repairs and maintenance plan
  • Hiring reputable trades by ensuring a thorough tendering process and leveraging the industry knowledge of a qualified management company
  • Manage projects and contracts so that not only they are executed on time and budget and completed to the highest quality standards

2.    Manage your Finances

  • Collect strata fees, special levies and monies owed to the strata corporation
  • Provide detailed breakdown of all expenses associated with your  strata corporation and ensure that your operating costs are being effectively managed as per your approved annual budget
  • Prepare monthly financials  to serve as the reporting documents which provides detailed analysis into the fiscal well-being of your strata corporation

3.    General Management

  • Facilitate conveyance on real estate transactions for new owners buying into the townhouse complex
  • Act on councils directions and enforce strata bylaws to ensure compliance with the same
  • Act as the central hub for all communications between council and owners
  • Keep owners abreast of changes to Provincial laws and legislations which impacts the strata industry and how they affect you as an owners in your strata plan

Campbell Strata Management continues to provide a tradition of excellence in strata services. By partnering with your strata corporation we will manage your townhouses and protect the equity of your investment so that as owners you can enjoy stress free living.

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