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Commercial Property Management

Commercial strata properties include retail spaces, office spaces and warehouses. It is essential that your commercial property management company has experience with your property type so that they have the knowledge to protect the value of your property while optimizing profits.

Our action oriented team of strata managers work tirelessly to partner with your strata corporation to protect the equity of your investment and deliver full commercial strata management services including:

1.    Community Management

  • Facilitate conveyance transactions on all sale and purchase Enforce the bylaws at the direction of your council to ensure strict compliance,
  • Manage communication between owners, councils and third parties

2.    Operational Matters

  • Ensure that your complex is in an excellent condition with a dependable infrastructure  to serve as your base from which you operate your business and generate revenues
  • Liaise with owners to ensure compliance to by-laws
  • Supervise contractors ensuring the timely completion of projects within budget

3.    Financial Management

  • Collect all fees in a timely manner
  • Develop detailed annual operating budgets including projected revenues, operating expenses and contributions to contingency reserve funds
  • Analyze financial statement to ensure adequate operational cash flow
  • Pay trades and service providers in a timely manner
  • Inform you of changes to strata legislation and how they affect your specific strata corporation

Campbell Strata Management has a history of excellence. By partnering with your strata corporation we will manage your strata and protect the operational base of your business.

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