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Strata Management in B.C.

Residential Real Estate Management is a global business worth over billions of dollars and accounts for over 50% of the overall real estate management market in terms of value. Demand is driven by population growth and the increased need for affordable housing. As the cost of single-family homes continues to increase, more individuals are purchasing condos and townhouses directly fueling the need for strata management services, such as Campbell Strata Management Ltd. provides.

The Strata Property Act states that you must have a strata corporation and the strata council is responsible for the day to day and long term management.  The challenge of managing large scale developments and communicating with hundreds of owners can be overwhelming for any home owner who volunteers to serve as a strata council member. This is why it is essential to engage the services of a professional management company to coordinate the daily operational activities of strata titled buildings, whether large or small, to provide the knowledge required and assist the strata council in operating efficiently.

The Strata Management industry in British Columbia is made up of a number of companies of various sizes, offering various services to your Strata Corporation.  In order to differentiate between these companies and ultimately partner with a superior strata management team it is important that you investigate the following:

  1. The history of the company.
  2. The reputation of the company and their view for incorporating new ideas and planning for the future of your property.
  3. Their knowledge of the Strata Property Act.
  4. Their knowledge of financial statement preparation, budgeting and financial planning.
  5. The accreditations and licensing from the Real Estate Council of BC.
  6. The standards by which activities are regulated.
  7. The service track record and client references.
  8. The office hours and locations available to service you.

Reputable strata management companies are able to understand your needs, demonstrate their success, and most importantly clearly articulate their responsibility to you the strata corporation.

For more detailed information on working with strata management companies as regulated by the Real Estate Council of BC visit their website or contact us at Campbell Strata Management Ltd.

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