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Condo Management

Condominiums enable owners to purchase a portion (unit) of a real estate property providing them access to a variety of amenities, which are jointly owned and intended, for common use. These amenities may come at only a portion of the cost, yet they still  require condo property management services including but not limited to:

  • Maintaining shared hallways, elevators, laundry facilitates, pools, and exercise rooms
  • Monitoring security systems, onsite security guard and/or caretaker
  • Managing assigned or unassigned parking facilities
  • Scheduling amenities and guest room usage
  • Soliciting shared services including utilities, electricity, trash removal, and grounds maintenance

For a detailed definition of Strata Titled Properties see Real Estate Institute of British Columbia’s website.

Managing these programs becomes the responsibility of the homeowners, also known as you. If the property is not managed carefully then the value of the units will depreciate and the resale price of the properties is then eroded. To avoid this we recommended partnering with a strata management professional to:

1.    Maintain Common Property

  • Develop operating plans and schedules for routine maintenance
  • Obtain the best possible prices for services by executing a stringent bidding process and leveraging established relationships with industry professionals
  • Manage maintenance projects and contracts to ensure they are completed on time, within budget and with the highest of quality

2.    Manage Shared Financial Responsibilities

  • Ensure strata fees, special levies and monies owed are collected on behalf of the strata corporation
  • Verify expenses with the strata council and ensure all payables are executed in a timely manner
  • Generate financial statements for your property to provide insight into your finances to ensure you are in good fiscal health

3.    Advise on Community Management

  • Facilitate conveyance transactions alongside orienting new owners to the property and the strata corporation
  • Enforce the bylaws, rules, and regulations on the direction of your council
  • Manage all correspondence from meeting notifications to meeting minutes
  • Keep owners informed of changes to strata legislation and how they affect your specific strata corporation

Campbell Strata management has a tradition of excellence and by partnering with your strata corporation to manage these programs we protect the equity of your investment and enable you to enjoy stress free strata living.

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